Solar electricity

Save up to
on select solar installations.

Generate a tax-free income all year round!

Solar energy is great for generating electricity and reducing your energy bills, it is also a fantastic investment.

A domestic solar panel system can provide a high return on your investment, normally outperforming the rate of interest offered by high street banks.

Incentives for renewable energy systems are index-linked and guaranteed for up to 20 years, ensuring that you receive a guaranteed yield year-on-year from simply generating your own electricity.

Solar Fusion PV system – the benefits:

  • Reduction in your energy bills
  • Tax-free payment every year for 20 years
  • Highest efficiency panel in the world
  • Eligible for the Feed-in Tariff
  • 25 year module performance guarantee
  • Sell excess electricity back to your supplier
  • Zero emissions
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Want to know more? Solar electricity in three easy steps

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How solar electricity by Solar Fusion can benefit you

How solar electricity by Solar Fusion can benefit you

“My solar panel system is working very efficiently and I am a very pleased person, and I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is thinking of having solar panels fitted.” Mr Hadfield, Salisbury

Solar electricity
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