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*New* Battery Energy Storage System

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NEW Battery Energy Storage System is here!

A revolutionary new concept –

The NEW Battery Energy Storage captures all the unused energy that YOU generate through your PV panels, so that you can use the stored energy when YOU need it.

How much of your electricity is being exported back to the grid? How would you like to be able to capture that electricity and use it yourself when you need it? How about if you could benefit from being paid as if you were exporting, but were actually capturing the energy?

It all sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

  • Use 100% of the energy YOU generate
  • Still get export payments
  • Significantly reduce your bills
  • Reduce your reliance on the big utility companies
  • Become more self-sufficient

At the moment, put very simply, the feed in tariff will pay you 4.39p per unit to export your energy to the grid. That’s fine if you are only using all the energy that you generate. But, if you need more energy than this (say, in the evenings when you need it), the utilities companies will charge you 12.63p* per unit to buy top-up electricity. Think how much you’d save by not having to buy top-ups.

(*based on British Gas Standard Electricity Tariff Feb 2016)


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