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The human race has harnessed solar energy since 700bc

700BC: Magnifying glasses used to concentrate sun’s rays to make fire

200BC: Archimedes uses bronze shields of the Greek army to reflect the sun and set fire enemy ships

100AD: Roman Baths install south facing windows to let in the sun’s warmth

1891: The first commercial solar water heater patented

1921: Einstein wins the Nobel Prize for theories explaining the photoelectric effect.

1947: The first passive solar buildings built in the USA as energy is scarce during WW2

1954: Photovoltaic technology is born

1958: NASA utilise solar power to provide energy for their satellites.

1959: Sharp begin developing solar cells

1981: First Solar powered aircraft flies the English Channel

1994: First solar cell developed with greater than 30% efficiency

2000: 33,000 solar cells installed on each wing of the International Space Station

2001: Residential solar sales increase in Northern Europe

2004: Solar Fusion is founded

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