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Is the UK suitable for solar energy?

Yes. The advanced solar systems installed by Solar Fusion are designed specifically for the northern hemisphere climate. They do not require direct sunshine but operate on radiated light. Therefore on a cloudy day your system will still produce hot water.

Is it necessary to seek planning permission to install a solar system?

The majority of installations take place without the need for planning permission. However, in some cases planning permission may be required. In the unlikely event that planning is required, our dedicated planning department is on hand to ensure that any application is correctly submitted.

How does the system work in winter?

Even in winter there is significant solar radiation which your solar system can convert to hot water or electricity. On bright winter days your system will still generate energy for you.

How long will an installation take?

A standard domestic installation will take one day. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our installation teams.

How much maintenance is required?

The solar panels require little or no maintenance or cleaning.

Why is shade a potential problem?

We will ensure the correct positioning of your solar panel system to maximise its effectiveness. Shade, such as from trees, chimney stacks or neighbouring buildings can impact on the performance of any solar panel system.

How much roof space is required?

Solar Fusion can install smaller or larger systems, depending on how much space you have, how much electricity you wish to generate and how much money you want to save!

Solar hot water

How long is the payback period on a solar hot water system?

The payback period is dependent on how much energy bills rise in the future. The quicker the rise the sooner the return on your investment. Investing in solar energy provides a unique opportunity to mitigate against these rises by purchasing energy at today’s prices.

How much does hot water usage within my home contribute towards my energy bill?

Most people significantly underestimate the amount of hot water that they use. Baths, showers, hot water drawn from the tap and hot-fill washing machines/dishwashers can contribute to a large percentage of your overall energy bill.
It is only during the winter months that central heating is a large proportion of your overall bill.

Solar electricity

Is battery storage required for a PV system?

No – your solar photovoltaic system is connected to the National Grid, therefore any electricity that is not immediately used is fed back to the National Grid, improving your FIT payments.

How much electricity will a PV system produce?

The system works on daylight hours, so it will be generating electricity all year round. During longer, summer days the system will generate even more energy.

Am I eligible for the Feed-in Tariff (FIT)?

Yes! Only installations conducted by Microgeneration Certificated Scheme (MCS) approved installers are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff



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